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What makes teams GREAT teams? At WeQ they know the answer. Ohyoon Kwom tells you all about it at the workshop on Wednesday 26th, during de Week van het Werkgeluk. We asked Ohyoon why he wanted to join de week.


What is your personal connection to the topic Happiness at work?

Every valuable thing in the world is created by a team. Therefore teams are the most valuable asset at any companies. However we do not exactly know how to build a smart team. I’m not convinced that putting a team in an escape room is a sufficient answer for this. Ever since my very first, disastrous professional team experience, which turned out as a painful dysfunctional team, it’s my personal quest to understand what makes a team smarter than others.


What do you do to raise your H@W?

I created WeQ, a team-boosting software and game system leveraging the latest neuroscience and positive psychology. WeQ is currently being adopted by leading agile companies such as TomTom, Xebia, ING, Philips and others.


Why did you join the Week van het Werkgeluk?

Making our workplace truly happier requires a collective action not achievable by an individual effort alone. De Week van het Werkgeluk is a great community where employees, entrepreneurs, coaches, managers, HR specialists and others will get inspired from each other to achieve this important goal together. I am just a part of it.


What are you going to do exactly?

We’re going to create a space to learn “scientific ways” to build a kick-ass team. Participants will have a hands-on experience on the data-driven game mechanics to enhance team’s collective intelligence. Here, we will focus on the 3 things that are commonly found in Google’s ultra-successful teams: psychological safety, group feedback and cognitive bias. We’re looking for participants who want to build kick-ass teams! Team coaches, (team) managers, HR and L&D Specialists can get most benefit from this session.


Both Dutch & English will be used in the workshop!

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