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Tijdens de Kick-off van de Week van het Werkgeluk hebben we een aantal inspirerende sprekers geselecteerd, waaronderLammert Kamphuis van The School of Life en Arlette Bentzen van Woohoo Inc uit Kopenhagen. Daarnaast delen we praktische ervaringen en strategische keuzes van voorlopers: Rawan Shalhoub van Microsoft en Ynzo van Zanten van Tony’s Chocolonely vertellen over hoe zij werkgeluk zien.

Arlette is partner van Woohoo Inc en samen met Alexander Kjerulf een bekend spreker op het gebied van werkgeluk. Haar key-note gaat over ‘Leading with Happiness’. Maar wie is Arlette eigenlijk? We vroegen het haar…


Who are you and why do you believe in Happiness at Work ?

I am an expert on Happiness at work and have many years of experience as a presenter and trainer for Woohoo Inc. Happiness at work is not a luxury. It is an absolute prerequisite for us to be successful and be happy at life in general. I believe that happiness at work is one of the main drivers to a happy life. With Woohoo Inc we help companies to create a really happy workplace.  Since 2017 I am certified in Positive Psychology.


What do you do to enhance your own Happiness at Work?

I make sure to gather some of the success stories from my work – talk to clients and hear how happiness at work has transformed their workplace or even life. I also make sure not to work to many hours and of course remember to take my vacation.


Why did you decide to join the International Week of Happiness at Work?

Because I want even more people around the world to join our community.


What do you plan to do during the International Week of Happiness at Work?

I will travel to Amsterdam to do this keynote, as a kick-off event for the Dutch Week of Happiness at Work. But I will also experience to sleep at a houseboat for the first time! Back in Denmark I will make as many people as possible happy. And we (Woohoo inc) will share the findings from the big Happiness at Work survey. You can still join here!

What message do you want to tell the world?

Happiness at work should be the rule and not the exception all around the world

What is the topic of your keynote, what can we expect?

My keynote is “Leading with Happiness” and will give you as a leader both knowledge at practical tools to go home and create a happier workplace. I will share best practises from some of the happiest and most successful companies.

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